Tesla to Construct World’s Largest Virtual Power Plant in Australia


The South Australian Government collaborated with Tesla to build virtual power plant with around over 50,000 homes generating and storing electricity.

In 2017, Tesla built the world’s biggest battery in Australia and recently company partnered with the South Australian government to build the world’s largest virtual power plant by installing solar panels and Tesla Powerwall batteries on thousands of houses. The proposed system would allow homes to generate their own electricity and feed it back into the state’s power grid when needed. The state government launched a plan to take charge of the state’s energy future by building the world’s largest battery system to store energy collected from South Australia’s extensive renewable sources.

The newly-announced system is designed to keep the grid stable by decentralizing electricity generation and storage. The South Australian government plans to install 5-kW rooftop solar panel systems coupled to 13.5-kWh Tesla Powerwall 2 batteries in over 50,000 homes over next four years. As a part of program, the panels and batteries will be supplied and installed for free. However, participants will have to pay for used electricity. According to the economics analysis, participated households will save around 30% on their electricity bills. Also, Powerwall detects a disruption in the grid, it will immediately restore power the house from its own reserves without interruption. Excess electricity from each home will be fed back into the main grid, or can be drawn on in an emergency.

The world’s largest virtual power plant will be having capacity of 250 MW. The first trial for the virtual power plant is currently ongoing,with 1,100 Housing Trust properties receiving the solar panels and Powerwalls for free. Furthermore, the systems will be installed at another 24,000 Housing Trust properties, before the offer is opened up to all South Australian households.


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