Ovie Launched New Smarterware Connected Food Storage System


Ovie, Chicago-based startup is launching innovative foot container product range to help people reduce food waste and track refrigerator content

The company claims that it is going to launch world’s first smart food container range called Smarterware. The set includes Smart Tags, cup containers, clips, and universal connectors that will adhere to any container or bottle in fridge. The Smart Tags fit into the Smarterware containers, clips, and universal connectors. Every tag is equipped with light ring, which indicates the freshness of food item kept in it. There are three light indicators, which include green, yellow and red.

Green light indicates that food is fresh and can be eaten, yellow light indicates that the food should be consumed as soon as possible, and red light indicates that the food is spoiled and cannot be consumed. To use this container, user need to input information in the companion app about what food is in a Smarterware or Smarterware-tagged container by entering it manually or by telling Alexa. Smarterware also integrates with other smart home hubs, as well as recipe and grocery apps. Furthermore, it sends smartphone reminders when the food is about to get spoiled.  It also gives tips on how best to prepare ingredients or how to pair them with other tagged items.

“Each month Ovie will send a personalized recap to users detailing how they have been using Ovie to improve their food tracking and consumption,” said Stacie Thompson, co-founder and head of marketing for Ovie. “The recaps will celebrate wins, offer tips based on personal consumption trends, and share how together with the rest of the Ovie network we’re reducing food waste and its negative impact on our world.” Smarterware is currently seeking crowd funding on Kickstarter, where early bird offers start at US$ 35 for three Smart Tags and three universal connectors. The Tag Everything Kit, comes with 15 Smart Tags, nine bowls, nine universal connectors, and six clips, which is available at the US$ 300.


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