New Clean Label to Substitute Chemical Preservatives in Baked Food Products


Cereclean ensures the extended shelf-life of bread, buns and pastries without loss of flavor or texture

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) launched new addition to its range, Cereclean, a clean-label preservative (fermented wheat flour), which offers similar outcomes as chemical preservative such as calcium propionate (additive E282), potassium sorbate (additive E202) or alcohol. Bakery products such as breads, buns and pastries are susceptible to mold as well as to loss of flavor and texture. Therefore, preservatives are added to slow down the process.

In conventional methods, bread was left to ferment for a long time ahead of baking, which led to formation of organic acids occurring naturally in the dough ensuring a longer shelf life. LCI claims to revisit these old methods with its new preservative. Pauline Arramy, bakery market manager at LCI, explains “Cereclean again demonstrates our expertise in functional flours and bread-making: Cereclean has the advantage of being more effective than the preservatives commonly used on the market today, for long shelf life, whilst being 100% clean label”.

According to LCI, fermented wheat flour with a controlled fermentation process provide a targeted production of naturally occurring organic acids to keep bakery products fresh for longer period of time. Furthermore, Cereclean ensures the long shelf-life of breads, buns and pastries, without any loss of flavor or texture, LCI says, while it also brings the added value of being able to list ‘fermented wheat flour’ in the end product’s ingredient list.


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