Figaro Unveils New Packaging in India


Spanish multinational Deoleo, announced on August 21, 2018 appealing changes to the packaging of its Figaro olive oil in India.

Figaro has been the very first olive oil brand sold in India since forty years. Currently, Deoleo India Pvt. Ltd., manufacturers of Figaro, holds around 19 percent market share in sales and distribution in India.

The new packaging has glass bottles instead of the classic tins, this change has come as a surprise for consumers as some of them have sought reassurance if it’s the same product they’ve always known and trusted. “This is the same high-grade, carefully crafted olive oil it’s always been, but with a slightly new look” says Deoleo India General Manager, Susana Toribio Bustelo. “Figaro in its green tin is synonymous with olive oil in India, and the tin packaging is admired by our consumers,” she added.

Subtle changes in the packaging of the tin containers (500ml, 1 liter and 5 liter) have provided a sharper and catchy look to the containers. Also important information related to corporate and brand are reoriented for consumers’ guidance.   Figaro Extra Virgin Olive Oil in glass bottle has a stout look with dark glass to protect the oil from the minor environmental effects (sunlight) and the bottle is provided with a handsome outer shape. All the extra information of help to consumers are nicely printed on the label.

“India is a key market for our business and therefore a crucial investment for the company,” said Chief Commercial Officer, Miguel De Jaime Guijarro at Deoleo, which commenced operations in India in 2013. The company hopes the new packaging would enhance their marketing hold among the Indian consumers.


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