Coscura Expands Pea Protein Potential


Increasing demand for pea protein led Coscura to launch new pea protein based ingredients.

Coscura invested US$40.4 million in its pea factory in Belgium to meet consumer demand for pea protein isolate, fiber and starch capacity. Recently plant protein has seen a dramatic growth as the consumers are choosing environment-friendly food over meat protein. “As this trend is ongoing, we estimate that alternative protein sources will cover 25 percent of global protein demand by 2050” says Illinois, General Manager for Cosucra Inc. responsible for USA, Canada & Mexico operations and based in Chicago.

In modern time, consumers are opting for more environmentally-friendly protein sources, and this has enhanced the demand for plant protein-production. Additionally, the carbon footprint of plant protein is much smaller than that of any animal protein, which helps in reducing energy consumption.

Pea protein production uses minimal resources when compared with meat or soy protein. For instance, for every 1kg of beef, 588,000 liters of water is required and 5,900 liters to produce 1kg of soy protein. However, to produce 1kg of pea protein, only 3,200 liters of water is needed. Also pea do not require extra nitrogen for growth, which makes it environment friendly.

Cosucra’s Pisane pea protein isolate, Swelite functional pea fiber, and Nastar functional pea starch solutions, are well suited to complement traditional meat products as part of the NPD requirements.

Eric Bosly, Global Commercial Director for Cosucra, said “today the pea protein accounts for 17 percent of the global plant protein products launches. This is supported by customer awareness that we have seen an increase in the past five to ten years.”

To produce pea protein isolates, fiber, and starch solutions the company is developing new means to reduce carbon footprint. It aims to promote new products containing pea protein in various categories such as sports nutrition, health & nutrition, and food and beverage.


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