Climate Change To Hamper Beer Supply Worldwide


The study published in journal Nature Plants reported that drastic weather change with severe drought and heat may cause substantial decreases in barley yields

Beer is the most popular and widely consumed alcoholic drink across the world. Since recent past, beer production industry witnessed 17% of global barley production, which varied across countries. Researchers from the University of East Anglia (UEA) in the U.K studied potential average yield losses ranging from three per cent to 17%, depending on the severity of the conditions. Decreases in the global supply of barley lead to proportionally larger decreases in barley used to make beer.

The findings suggest that total beer consumption decreases most under climate change in the countries that consumed the most beer by volume in recent years. During the most severe climate events, the results indicate that global beer consumption would decline by 16% or 29 billion liters, which is roughly equal to the total annual beer consumption in the US. This in turn will increase the prices of beer to double. Furthermore, even in less severe extreme events, beer consumption is estimated to drop by 4% and prices will rise by 15%.

The volume consumed in China is projected to falls by more than any other country as the severity of extreme events increases. The decline is expected to by 4.34 billion liters in the most severe.  In the UK, beer consumption could fall by between 0.37 billion and 1.33 billion liters, while the price are expected to be as much as double. Consumption in the US is expected to decrease between 1.08 billion and 3.48 billion liters.


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